Digital Marketing

We account for every platform and device a customer could use to interact with the company and then deliver an integrated experience that aligns message, goals, objectives and design.

CE Business Solutions is a full-service digital agency offering digital marketing campaigns and interactive websites to businesses looking to enhance their customers' experiences.

We combine web design and development, inbound marketing fundamentals, search engine marketing and social media marketing to build an interconnected framework customized to your business. We offer an omnichannel solution that helps your business get noticed online in today's fast-moving, multimedia, online world.

CE Business Solutions creates integrated online marketing campaigns customized to your specific goals. Starting with a strong foundation of best practices, we then assemble a customized package of tools and techniques designed specifically for your marketing goals.

Social Media Marketing

We help you manage multiple social network, connect with customers and influencers and grow your brand on social media.

Search Engine Optimization

We will help you grow your visability in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings.


Email Marketing

We run your email marketing campaigns end-to-end, creating newsletters that match your brand identity. Closed-loop reporting allows you to see how many customers who recieved emails came in and made a purchase.

Responsive Custom Web Design

We specialize in designing responsive websites and landing pages that are not only beautiful, but also rank well in search results and help achieve your business goals: increased traffic, leads, and sales.

PPC and Online Ad Management

We focus on delivering traffic from the major PPC provider networks. We will monitor performance and review the results with you regarding the performance of ads.

Content Curation and Graphic Design

We create content for your business that matches your brand identity through graphic design, original photography and content curation strategies.

Ecommerce Development

WWhether you want a simple ecommerce website or something very complex and sophisticated, we will develop a website that suits your timeframe and budget.

Digital Displays

We have the expertise to help retailers reinvent their brand communications by creating smarter and more effective in-store digital experiences.

Ready to see how far our expertise can take you?